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Business Coaching

The saying goes it you fail to plan then you plan to fail. All businesses need to develop a business plan.

The most successful businesses are customer focused constantly looking at where they are situated in the current time frame.

They have a clear vision of where they are going, they set goals and objectives, put in place strategies to meet their goals, then asses how well they have performed on a regular basis.

Those savvy smart businesses owners that take the initiative and time to work on their business and not just in their business, do reach financial freedom and have the ultimate lifestyle.

We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the maze of business. Our team are extremely well placed to help you through this process.

Global Business Camps

Like many businesses I started my business/ accounting practice from a handful of clients.

My motivation for starting my business was being able to work from home and spend time with my children. I started with a small advertisement in a local paper and a pamphlet run to the local area.

My passion for solving client problems and quality customer service saw the business grow rapidly over the years. I outgrew the back bedroom at home as well as the built in garage to eventually move to commercial premises after 5 years.

The move to commercial premises was a great move as it took away the pressures from always having work at your doorstep and it allowed me to finally switch off when I went home.

However, with the business rapidly growing I found myself being more and more discontent. My business like every other business on the planet was experiencing all the problems that my clients were constantly voicing to me.

It was like I was on a roundabout I could not get off. I could not work out why I could not get staff on board with what I wanted them to do. I needed to get them to see the business through my eyes and what was in it for them.

This essential ingredient was imperative for my business to succeed and grow. I truly believe as a good boss I am obligated to provide staff with all they need in terms of training, mentoring, professional development etc so they can be the best they can be. If staff feel good about themselves and the job, they are doing that translates to the client and customer.

I knew all this stuff in theory; however I was too busy working IN the business to be able to work ON the business. I kept saying to myself, I just need to do this, and then this, then I will have time to work on the business. Well it just never happens!!!! Another year later and I am still flogging a dead horse, feeling more and more discontent as each year went on.

Anyway, a fellow associate of mine invited me to attend a business camp on the Gold Coast. I thought I would go along just to keep her happy; after all it would at least be a few days away from the office.

The business camp was run by Global Business Camps, John Tsoulos. John is an accountant and business owner with many years’ experience in the industry. John is a very vibrant passionate presenter. You are never bored listening to him, and he keeps the audience engaged fully for 3 days.

I was a bit nervous the first day as I did not know what to expect. I was seated at a table with my Associate along with another accountant that had taken along a few of his clients.

Well what a first day it hit me like a pie in the face. I finally woke up!!!! I got it! The only person stopping me from making my business awesome was ME. Yes, that’s right ME.

Over the next three days I was totally engaged, jotting down all the things I needed to do to gain my freedom back. I was finally determined this was going to happen.

When I got back to work after the 3 days, I could finally see the business for what it really was!!!! I took all the emotion out of my attachment to the business and since that day I have not looked back.

Over the next twelve months I put in place the procedures, plans and strategies I needed to achieve the following …

  • Free up time so I could work on the business rather than in it. I knew once I got my passion back everything else would follow.
  • Get staff in the right positions whereby they are utilising their best assets both in terms for their own personal and professional growth as well as achieving client objectives.
  • Ensure staff are thinking and working as a team rather than individuals.

I walked away from the conference with a million things I wanted to do from that first camp, however I remember John saying to not beat yourself up about what you don’t get done. Being in and building a business is a constant work in progress. However, with the right tools, attitude and knowing the rules to play by, the whole process is so much easier.

After the first camp I saw the whole Global Business Camp experience as a much-needed tool that clients would really receive value from. From the next year on we have been booking and taking clients along for the camp.

Every client I have taken has thanked me profusely for inviting them to attend. They like me have gone back to their businesses with a renewed outlook. They have then taken the lead and run with all the great ideas and their businesses have gone from strength to strength.

My clients see me as an important part of the advising team for their business. By being able to offer clients the added value services learned from attending the business camps, ensures we remain a valuable part of their team.

We do not just look at the history and report; we help clients create their future. It is very rewarding part of the job to be able to assist clients with this process.

We constantly promote Global Business Camps and John Tsoulos to our clients.

Please follow the attached link to find out more about how you can improve your business and reach the ultimate goal being freedom in your business.