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Dru Henley & Co Accountants / About

Dru Henley was a family owned accounting firm that have been operating for over 17 years. Dru and his wife started the business after they realised there was a need for professional accountancy and auditing service in the area for small business.

They had developed into one of the leading firms in the region, providing comprehensive services to clients ranging from start-ups to medium-sized businesses across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to the Construction industry, private and commercial, the Professional Sector (Doctors, Lawyers etc.).

Dru chose Michelle Sytsma (Aspire AA Group) to take over their  business as Dru felt that Michelle and her team have the same values and ethics, and are very service oriented with the best intentions to look after his entire client list.

Dru really cares about his clients, and Michelle received the 3rd degree from Dru, asking many questions wanting to make sure Aspire were worthy to take over the Dru Henley clientele. And Aspire passed Dru’s test with flying colours.