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Jade Harley

Jade Harley - Harley Property Valuations

My favorite subject at high school was economics. I found the market mechanisms fascinating so I wanted to be an economist. Unfortunately I discovered that most economists have to work in Canberra so I decided to teach economics instead. Halfway through studying to be a Maths / Economics teacher, my father suggested I be a valuer. It was the best advice he ever gave me.

I approached Phil Peterson for a job as a valuer but he pointed out that I needed a degree. He told me selling real estate was excellent preparation for a career in valuation. In 1987 / 88 I did a Certificate in Real Estate Agency Practices (which was the agent’s licensing course at the time) and literally sold property from Rochedale to Redcliffe. I sold acreage at Samford and worked for an industrial agency at Rocklea.

I started my Bachelor of Business (Real Property Administration and Valuation) through UQ in 1989 and by 1990 I was working for Asia Pacific Valuations as well. After I completed my degree I also got a casual job with Blocksidge and Ferguson and I still valued for them for 23 years.

I got registered as a valuer in July 1995 and with Phil’s encouragement, I opened Harley Property Valuations in October 1995.

I taught valuation at QUT and appraisal at TAFE and PRET.