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Aspire Finance Solutions / Credit Guide

Our Credit Guide:

This is the Credit Guide for Aspire Finance Solutions Pty Ltd, Australian Credit Licence 527825. We are licensed to arrange loans and leases under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

About this Credit Guide:
This Credit Guide is designed to assist you in deciding whether to use the services we offer.

Services we provide:
We will provide you with information on a range of lenders and products. Once you have chosen a loan or lease that is suitable for you, we will help you to obtain an approval.

Our Associations and Relationships:
At Aspire Finance Solutions Pty Ltd we source finance from various lenders. We have a Wholesale Funding arrangement with Resimac and a Loan Referral Agreement with La Trobe Financial and will seek to expand our Lender base in time based on feedback from our clients.

Our Responsible Lending Obligations:
We are obliged to ensure that any loan, or principal increase to a loan, we help you to obtain, or any lease we help you enter, is not unsuitable for you. To decide this, we will need to ask you some questions in order to assess whether the loan or lease is not unsuitable.

The Law Requires us to:

  • make reasonable enquiries about your requirements and objectives;
  • make reasonable enquiries about your financial situation; and
  • take reasonable steps to verify that financial
  • Credit will be unsuitable for you if at the time of the assessment, it is likely that at the time the credit is to be provided:

you could not pay or could only pay with substantial hardship; or
the credit will not meet your requirements or

For example, if you can only repay by selling your principal place of residence, it is presumed that the loan will cause substantial hardship unless the contrary is proved. For this reason, we must ask you to provide a significant amount of information. It is important that the information you provide is accurate, complete, and up to date. If we proceed on incomplete or incorrect information, you may be in breach of your legal obligations to the lender.

We will provide you with a copy of our preliminary assessment of your application if you ask for it within seven years. This requirement is only triggered if we give you credit assistance.

Our Fees and Charges:
Generally, no fees or charges are payable by you to us for our credit assistance. In some instances, a fee for service may be required. Details of these fees will be set out in a Credit Quote & Proposal.

However, you may be charged a lender’s application fee, valuation fees and other fees associated with the loan.

These fees are not charged by us and will be disclosed to you prior to submission of the credit application. Please note, however, that if a valuation is conducted and you ultimately choose not to proceed with the loan, you may be liable for the valuation fees.

We may receive commissions from the lenders and lessors who provide finance for you as our customers. These fees are not payable by you. You may obtain information relating to reasonable estimates of those commissions and how they are calculated.

When we provide you credit assistance, you may obtain from us a reasonable estimate of the commission likely to be received, directly or indirectly by Aspire Finance Solutions Pty Ltd and its credit representatives.

Referral Fees:
We may pay a referral fee (i.e., commission) for third party referrals. An example of a referrer would be a real estate agent or solicitor. This fee is not payable by you. This fee will be disclosed in the Credit Quote & Proposal Disclosure Document. You may on request obtain a reasonable estimate of the amount of commission and how it is calculated.

Aspire Finance Solutions Pty Ltd and your representative may also receive a benefit for referring you to other specialist service providers.

Referral Agents:
If you were referred to Aspire Finance Solutions Pty Ltd (or an accredited representative) by a referrer, then you need to know that the National Consumer Credit Protection Regulations contain provision for referrers to be exempt from licensing requirements provided that certain criteria pertaining to the collection and provision of consumer details to registered and or licensed persons are met.

A Referral Agent

  • will only engage in credit activities incidentally to another business they are carrying
  • will not charge a fee to the consumer for the
  • will only inform the consumer that they able to arrange loans and
  • will not recommend any particular product, nor provide any advice concerning loans or
  • will inform the consumer of any commissions or other benefits you may Aspire Finance Solutions Pty Ltd will also provide this information within our Credit Proposal & Quote.
  • will obtain the consent of the consumer to pass on their name, contact details and a short description of the purpose for which they may want the credit or
  • will pass the consumer’s contact details to us within five business days of informing the consumer that we are able to arrange loans and
  • will agree to indemnify Aspire Finance Solutions Pty Ltd to the maximum extent permitted by law from and against all Liabilities which arise from or are causally connected with any (and all) acts, omissions, defaults, representations, or statements whether negligent, reckless, innocent or otherwise, directly or indirectly related to or arising as a consequence of the supply of the Services outlined in this credit

Our Dispute Resolution Procedures:

We will try to deal with your complaint within 45 days. If you are unhappy with our services or want more information about our internal dispute resolution procedure, please contact us.

Internal Dispute Resolution:

Aspire Finance Solutions Pty Ltd (Complaints) Telephone – 07 3800 5300


Post: 6/15 Corporate House Hillcrest Qld 4118


External Dispute Resolution:

If you are unhappy with any decision or the handling of a complaint by us, you can refer your complaint to one of our external dispute resolution providers below. External dispute resolution is a free service established to provide you with an independent mechanism to resolve specific complaints.

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

Telephone: 1800 931 678



Fax: 1800 931 678

Post: GPO Box 3 Melbourne VIC 3001

Things you should know:

You should ensure that you have approved finance, in writing from the lender, before entering a binding contract to purchase.

It is important you understand your legal obligations under the loan, and the financial consequences. If you have any concerns, you should obtain independent legal and financial advice before you enter into a loan contract.

We do not make any promises about the value or future prospects of any property you finance with us. You should always rely on your own enquiries.

Before you accept your loan offer, make sure you read the credit contract carefully to understand full details of the loan. If you have any doubts, you should obtain independent legal and financial advice before you enter into any loan contract.

We represent lenders and have obligations to them, and in particular, to not provide any information we know is misleading or deceptive. We also have obligations under the law to report any fraud, forgery, or other illegal activities. Before using our services, it is important that you understand that we have these obligations to lenders, and under the law.

Aspire Finance Solutions Pty Ltd is required to have adequate arrangements in place to ensure you are not disadvantaged by any conflict of interest.